CRIMJUST activities in June-July 2019

On 21st June, CRIMJUST held its Project Steering Committee and Coordination to present its achievements and discuss its future direction in Cartagena, Colombia. This event offered a platform for the project representatives to discuss and align the overall strategy of the programme and ensure CRIMJUST continues to be well integrated within the framework of the Cocaine Route Programme. CORMS was represented at this meeting.

Shortly after, from 8 to 11 July, CRIMJUST held a working group with Argentinian and Bolivian justice officials in Vienna, Austria. The purpose of this event was to develop clear and concrete guidelines to advance judicial cooperation between the two states in criminal matters. During this week-long working group, participants exchanged on potential legal tools to be incorporated within their respective national procedures. The outcome was the development of a document streamlining procedures to request international judicial assistance, conduct extradition processes and controlled deliveries, engage in direct cooperation and hold joint investigations. This manual provides an essential legal tool to prosecutors from Latin American countries. It offers them the information and resources necessary to collaborate at a transnational level.