CRIMJUST at the CCPCJ 28th session to promote strengthening of capacities in the fight against drug trafficking and dismantling of cocaine labs

CRIMJUST, a Cocaine Route Programme component, took part in the 28th Session of the United Nations Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ) in Vienna, Austria, on 21 May.

It was a unique opportunity for CRIMJUST to present, together with the Integrated Illicit Crop Monitoring System Project of the UNODC Office in Colombia, the benefits of training to strengthen capacities of judicial and operational institutions to respond to the growing challenges posed by cocaine production and trafficking. The event brought together around 60 persons.

The panellist, during the event, shared in particular the outcomes and best practices identified further to the ‘Technical Training for Institutional Reinforcement Against Cocaine Production” implemented in Colombia in February 2019. All panellists concluded the need to build more synergy was an essential part of dismantling increasingly globalised drug trafficking networks along the Cocaine Route.

In parallel to the event, CRIMJUST held the exhibition “Insights to Cocaine Production”, providing visitors with detailed information about the scientific process of cocaine production and control mechanisms of chemical precursors. The exhibit showcased the particulars of coca crops and territory, coca alkaloids extraction and refining, as well as the challenges of dismantling cocaine labs in the jungle.