News briefing – Week of 27 March

Colombian police seized more than 6 tons of cocaine in the Caribbean port of Barranquilla bound for Spain. Colombian Defence Minister Luis Carlos Villegas confirmed that the shipment, worth €200 million, was carried out by several drug cartels, including El Clan del Golfo. The seizure represents the third largest cocaine seizure in the history of […]

News briefings – Week of 9 January

During the final congressional session of 2016, the government of Argentina submitted plans in order to modify the country’s anti-narcotics law. The reform – if approved – would increase penalties for the production, trafficking and supply of paco, the smokeable paste at intermediary stage in processing cocaine. The post-conflict minister of Colombia acknowledged that coca […]

News briefing – Week of 14 November

Reportedly, there are 440 organized crime groups operating in Spain, out of the 3,600 identified in all of Europe, as indicated by experts from the Spanish Guardia Civil and the National Police. The majority of those criminal groups are dedicated to drug trafficking and fraud. Ten organised crime groups in Spain are labeled as “high […]

Boletín de noticias – Semana del 19 de septiembre

En lo que va de 2016, más 64 toneladas de estupefacientes se han incautado en Ecuador, según el Ministerio del Interior. La mayoría estaba destinada al tráfico internacional, sobre todo hacia el continente europeo. Ecuador es considerado ruta de tránsito de drogas y de insumos para elaborarla. La Policía Federal de Argentina ha detenido una […]

News briefing – Week of 19 September

During his address at the UN General Assembly, the President of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, highlighted the need to combating drug trafficking and violence associated with organized crime. Countries in the Latin America and Caribbean region are still facing important challenges, despite important progresses, including the peace agreement between the Government of Colombia and the Revolutionary […]