A Shift in the Drug Policy Debate

The US led ‘war on drugs’ initiated in 1971, by then President Richard Nixon still informs the American approach to drug control. Given the global, widespread and complex nature of the problem, many other actors have come to realise that there are alternative ways of dealing with drugs in society, incorporating different strands including harm […]

Could Medicinal Cannabis Provide the Solution to South America’s ‘Pasta Base’ Problem?

On April 3 2014, Uruguay’s undersecretary for public health used a UN-hosted conference on women, drug policy, and incarceration on the Americas to propose a novel method of tackling drug addiction. ‘Jail is not a very suitable place for someone to safely overcome drug addiction’, said Leonel Briozzo, before suggesting that marijuana (legalised in Uruguay […]

News briefing – week beginning Monday 28 July

• The New York Times started debate on the end of marijuana prohibition. • A French counternarcotics officer was arrested near the Spanish border after 51kgs of cocaine “disappeared” from Paris HQ • UK Border Force discovers 40kgs of cocaine aboard container vessel used to transport bananas • The US courier firm FedEx pleaded not […]

News briefing – week beginning Monday 30 June

Reports that Dominican Republic bears the brunt of trafficking through the Caribbean More discussion on the need to legalise the drugs trade – this time focused on heroin and Afghanistan by the British Ambassador InsightCrime analyses what the arrest of Tijuana cartel leader, Fernando Sanchez Arellano, means for the drug empire With many cartel leaders […]