Initial training of Abuja’s JAITF

After the signature, at the end of August, of the Letter of Agreement between UNODC and the State of Nigeria represented by National Drugs Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) for the implementation of the AIRCOP’s Joint Airport Interdiction Task Forces (JAITF) of Abuja, the initial training of the future task-force has been delivered between 25 September and 6 October.

The training was attended by 26 Nigerian officers, including 7 female officers, from several agencies, including the NDLEA; Customs; National Police Service (NPS); Nigerian Immigration service (NIS); Intelligence service (DSS) and Aviation security (AVSEC).

The workshop was provided by three experts, two from UK Border Force and one from French Police, and it was the first partnership with UK Border Force to deliver a joint training.

The opening ceremony was presided by UNODC Country Representative and the NDLEA Director of technical services. The official closing ceremony in turn, during which the 26 trainees have received their diplomas, was attended by the Head of the Regional Cooperation Section in the EU Delegation to Nigeria, NDLEA Director of technical services as well as senior representatives of involved agencies.

UK Border Force Representative in Abuja delivered drugs detection tests for NDLEA and fraudulent documents detection equipments for NIS.

The following stage will consist in the signature by Nigerian agencies of the Memorandum of Understanding currently circulating between them, and which will allow for the official establishment of the 14th African AIRCOP JAITF and the 2nd one in Nigeria, after the Lagos’ JAITF, established in 2013.