International operation Lionfish III supported by CRIMJUST disrupts flows of illicit drugs to Europe

Operation Lionfish III, an international police operation across Latin America and West Africa, conducted between 6 and 15 March, led to more than 350 arrests and seizure of 52 tonnes of illicit drugs. In addition to cannabis and heroin 25 tonnes of cocaine were seized estimated to be worth approximately USD 950 million.

News briefing – Week of 5 December

The Crime Rate Index for 2016 listed Mexico as the third most dangerous country in the world due to the violence created by drug-related organized crime, with the country ranked higher than countries currently at war. Ecuadorean Police seized around 10 metric tons of cocaine at Guayaquil port, which could mean the country may become […]

News briefing – Week of 14 November

Reportedly, there are 440 organized crime groups operating in Spain, out of the 3,600 identified in all of Europe, as indicated by experts from the Spanish Guardia Civil and the National Police. The majority of those criminal groups are dedicated to drug trafficking and fraud. Ten organised crime groups in Spain are labeled as “high […]

News Briefing – Week of 15 August

Paraguay authorities reported the interception of a tour bus loaded with 296 kilos of cocaine on its way to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Two men were arrested and charged with drug trafficking and other crimes. According to officials, the cocaine would have a value of $3 million on the Brazilian market. Venezuelan […]