Controlled deliveries by the JAITF in Argentina – a highlight of AIRCOP activities in 2019

As described by the United Nations Convention Against Organised Crime, a controlled delivery is a special investigation technique allowing suspicious shipments or cargo to leave, pass through or enter a jurisdiction with the knowledge and supervision of authorities with a view to the investigation of an offence and the identification of persons involved in the […]

Newsbriefing – Week of 23 December

6 tonnes of cocaine destined to Lomé, Togo, were seized in Uruguay. 4.4 tonnes were found and seized by the Navy and the customs authorities in four containers at the Montevideo seaport. In relation to this seizure, 1.5 tonnes of cocaine were further discovered and seized in a ranch. The Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro signed […]

Newsbriefing – Week of 16 December

  The Irish Guarda considers expanding its network of liaison officers in South American countries. Organized crime groups in Ireland operate worldwide and almost of the cocaine trafficked in Ireland comes from South America. This is all the more a worrying trend as the volume and purity of cocaine have both increased. For the time […]

Newsbriefing – Week of 9 December

The Euro-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly 12th Ordinary Plenary session took place in Panama City, Panama, on 12 and 13 December. The Assembly, through its Co-Presidents’ declaration, expressed “concern at the alarming rise in organised crime and the complex international networks behind it, as well as the enormous capacity it has to corrupt officials at all […]

Newsbriefing – Week of 2 December

    The national authorities of Germany, Denmark, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, the UK and Norway, have taken down an organised crime group involved in drug trafficking. The investigation showed that a transport company based in the Netherlands was involved in smuggling large quantities of drugs to several European countries. Turkish authorities have seized […]

An autumn highlight in the EU’s capital: the first EU Crime Week brought law enforcement, DEVCO project partners, EU agencies and services together to address organised crime

For 5 days, from 25 to 29 November, participants exchanged on coordination and synergies, but also challenges in the fight against illicit trafficking, and in particular drug trafficking, both inside and outside Europe. The launch of the EU Drug Market’s Report on 26 November underpinned discussions on the current global drug production and European consumption, […]

Newsbriefing – Week of 11 November

  The Italian Carabinieri (Carabinieri) and the Italian Finance Corps (Guardia di Finanza), supported by Italian Customs, Europol and Frontex, seized 1 176 kg of cocaine worth €250 million in the Port of Gioia Tauro, southwest Italy. The shipping documents show that the container was destined for Germany. The drug was hidden in a case of […]