GAFILAT-EU successfully closes after 7 years


The GAFILAT-EU project was successfully completed at the end of June, fulfilling seven years of implementation in the 17 Member States of the Financial Action Task Force of South America in their fight against organized crime, money laundering, asset recovery and corruption.

Effective since December 2009, the project aimed at helping its beneficiary countries to strengthen their capacities, to promote information sharing through the GAFILAT Asset Recovery Network (RRAG), and to bridge their deficiencies in order to combat money laundering in the financial and non-financial sector.

During these seven years, GAFILAT-EU worked in close cooperation with international bodies and with the other components of the Cocaine Route Programme, at national, regional and inter-regional levels.

Its impact has been significant with 47 mentoring sessions carried out, accounting for more than 1700 individuals trained; 17 conferences held, gathering more than 500 participants; as well as 11 successful joint operations which led to considerable seizures in the region covered.