News Briefing – Week of 12 September

  • The Governor of Mexico’s Guerrero State is calling for the legalization of opium poppy for medicinal purposes as an alternative plan for minimizing the insecurity in the state, as revealed by Insight Crime. However, as stated by the UNODC Representative to Mexico “structural solutions” must be found to tackle the issue of violence. Reportedly, in Guerrero there are between 10,000 and 12,000 hectares used for poppy cultivation.
  • It has been reported that the fight against illicit drugs in Nigeria would be prevented by corruption inside National Drug and Law Enforcement Agency. Moreover, there has been an alleged rise of domestic usage of illicit substances, in a country initially seen as a drug transit point.
  • Arrest of a Serbian national emphasizes links between Eastern European criminal groups and Latin America drugs producers. Allegedly, Zoran Jaksic is a leading member of an Eastern European criminal group that traffics drugs from South America across the Atlantic. Reportedly, the traffickers from the Balkans buy the drugs from Peru, Columbia and Bolivia.
  • Serbian authorities have informed that 30 people were arrested for drug trafficking following a joint Serbian and German investigation. More than €20 million worth of narcotics, including 303 kg cocaine, 96 kg cannabis and 106 kg hashish were seized, stated the Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister. According to the officials, two alleged members of the group were arrested and 25 locations were searched on the German territory.