News briefing – Week of 19 September

  • During his address at the UN General Assembly, the President of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, highlighted the need to combating drug trafficking and violence associated with organized crime. Countries in the Latin America and Caribbean region are still facing important challenges, despite important progresses, including the peace agreement between the Government of Colombia and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People’s Army (FARC-EP).
  • One man was arrested at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos, when he disembarked from the aircraft from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Officials from the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) discovered wraps of narcotics in the collar of his jacket.
  • A former anti-narcotics official from the Dominican Republic was sentenced to 20 years in prison for cocaine theft. Insight Crime reported  that this case highlights “how the island’s corrupt state agents are potentially becoming traffickers in their own right”. Former prosecutors, a former mayor and army members were also sentenced over charges that include stealing over a ton of cocaine and money laundering. Allegedly, the country has become one of the main transit points for drugs heading to the United States and Europe also because of the high level of corruption among the authorities.
  • Insight Crime has reported dealings between the son of the vice president of Guatemala and an alleged drug lord. Reportedly, the son of the politician received $500,000 from the alleged drug lord, who is awaiting extradition to the United States over drug trafficking charges.