News briefing – Week of 2 January

  • Guatemala registered the highest number of cocaine seizures in 2016 within the last ten years, according to the country’s anti-drug prosecutor. The majority of the drug was seized at the port San José, on the country’s Pacific coast, and at the port of Santo Tomás, on the Caribbean coast.
  • Four policemen were arrested in Spain for supposedly being involved in a drug trafficking ring that used high-speed inflatable boats to smuggle hashish into the country, according to police statement. Reportedly, they belong to a gang which was brining hashish across the Strait of Gibraltar from Morocco.
  • Over 10 tons of drugs were seized in the Dominican Republic in 2016, reported the National Drugs Control Agency (DNCD), calling it “a positive end of the year in the fight against drug trafficking” with important national and international drug trafficking structures dismantled.