News briefing – Week of 24 April

  • 12.000 kilos of cocaine worth $400 million were seized, 14 vessels were intercepted and 40 suspected smugglers were arrested off the Pacific coast of South and Central America by U.S. Coast Guard. The seizure was part of a successful three-month counter-drug mission which involved multiple law enforcement and military agencies.
  • About $2 billion of counterfeit goods was destroyed by the Jamaican Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime unit. The seizures led to the prosecutions of 32 persons last year and added to another seizure of $20.5 million worth of fraudulent goods which occurred in St James.
  • The European Union announced new actions worth €59 million to tackle instability in the Horn of Africa region, including the fight against transnational organised crime. These actions are part of the EU-led programme Emergency Trust Fund for Africa and aims at strengthening African national institutions and reinforcing international cooperation.
  • Brazilian police arrested 14 people involved in the largest robbery of the history of Paraguay. An estimated $40 million of cash was stolen in the city of Ciudad del Este, near the Brazilian border, a major hub for drug trafficking and organised crime. 50 gunmen were allegedly involved in the military-style heist, highlighting local organised crime groups’ increased capabilities.