News briefing – Week of 28 November

  • Data from Argentina’s Attorney General Office reveals that more than a third of money laundering cases since 2013 were linked to drug trafficking, informs Insight Crime. According to one of the two prosecutors of the Economic Crime and Money Laundering Bureau (Procuraduría de Criminalidad Económica y Lavado de Activos – PROCELAC), the fact that such a significant number of money laundering cases are linked to drug trafficking highlights the attention paid to “one of the most adverse consequence of the drug trade”.
  • Peru’s anti-narcotics agency, DEVIDA, has informed that drug trafficking from Peruvian ports has increased during the past years. Some 90 dockworkers have been killed in the past two years in crimes believed to have been linked to smuggling.
  • The Public Security Minister of Guyana and the Head of the European Union Delegation to Guyana signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the implementation of SEACOP in the country. Following the event, a Joint Maritime Control Unit (JMCU) and a Maritime Intelligence Unit (MIU) are planned to become operational in 2017.