News briefing – Week of 31 July

  • The UN Security Council adopted a resolution, sponsored by Egypt, urging all countries to eliminate the supply of weapons to the Islamic State and other terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda and their affiliates, as well as illegal armed groups and criminals. Measures involve taking legal action against suppliers, marking arms to improve their traceability and disrupting online criminal networks.
  • The Peruvian counternarcotics police arrested David Bazán Arévalo, the current mayor of Tocache, on charges of financing and supplying weapons to a narco-terrorist faction of the Shining Path and as a coordinator and financer of a 2007 terrorist attack that killed a public prosecutor and three police officers in Tocache.
  • A spokesman for the South African Customs Office raised fears that South Africa may have become a major drug trafficking route to Europe and the United States. Over the last six months, more than $14 million worth of drugs have been seized at airports and ports in the country, destined for other nations. This adds to the issue of drug addiction in South Africa with local drug use twice as important as that of the world consumption rate.