News briefing – Week of 7 August

  • Law enforcement agencies from Brazil and Paraguay signed an agreement which will set up joint training to intensify police actions against drug trafficking. Measures also include coordinated actions to monitor and eradicate marijuana plantations and further cooperation in the capture of fugitives involved in international drug trafficking.
  • U.S. Coast Guard unloaded about three tons of cocaine worth about $85 million in Florida. The drug was intercepted in the eastern Pacific. The Coast Guard has recently bolstered its occupation in the eastern Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Basin due to significant maritime threats in the region.
  • The Southern District of Florida court indicted four of Colombia’s leading emerald miners and one former mayor on drug charges. The suspects are accused of trafficking cocaine to the U.S. since 2002 with alleged ties with drug trafficking and paramilitary organizations in Venezuela, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Haiti.