News Briefing – Week beginning on 10 August

Representatives of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) declared that, from January to June 2015, the agency has seized 445.125 kg of  drugs worth approximately US$14 million at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos. Moreover, the police were able to intercept US$2.5 million from money laundering and arrest 75 alleged drug traffickers, with 23 of them coming from Brazil.

Italian customs police discovered 49 kg of cocaine hidden in a container transporting frozen squid in cargo coming from Argentina goint to Calabria, hub of Italian organized crime. No arrests were reported.

Two Mexican teenagers were accused of smuggling heroin in the United States using a drone. The flying device was found in Calexico, on the southern border of California and a few days later, the two boys were intercepted transporting 14.7 kg of heroin. The first time drones used for drug smuggling was reported in January 2015, when police in Tijuana found a drone carrying 2.7 kg of methamphetamines.

Agents of the Office of National Drug and Money Laundering Control Policy of the Antigua and Barbuda government arrested a man accused of money laundering. The man, who reportedly was in possession of US$58,000, allegedly bypassed the requirements for arrival into the country, avoiding to declare the money.

Guards of the medium-security La Reforma prison in Costa Rica caught a pigeon transporting cocaine and cannabis into the prison. The guards found a small sac tied to the bird’s chest containing around 14 g of cocaine and 14 g of cannabis.

Four French pilots were sentenced to 20 years to prison in the Dominican Republic for international drug trafficking. The four Frenchmen were captured in March 2013 while they were trying to smuggle 700 kg of cocaine out of the country.