News briefing – week beginning 20 April

  • German customs officials have reportedly found 257 kilograms of pure cocaine in a shipment of peanuts from Argentina.
  • Around 21 kilograms of cocaine, estimated to be worth around US$600,000 has reportedly been found washed up on Destin beach in Florida.
  • Pierre Lapaque, a top UN narcotics official, has said that Africa is “the market of the future” for illegal drugs, and that it is “only a matter of time” before Africans start using the large amounts of cocaine and other drugs that pass through the continent.
  • Police figures in the UK have revealed that Class-A drugs were seized from school children between 2011 and 2014. Teachers have described the results as the “tip of the iceberg.”
  • Honduras and Nicaragua have signed a cooperation agreement to conduct anti-narcotics operations along their shared border.
  • Three men have been jailed in Ireland for a “calamitous” plot to smuggle £200 million worth of cocaine from Venezuela to the UK.
  • The Guardian has published an article explaining how Bolivia has resisted “global pressure” to stop the growth of coca.