News briefing – week beginning 25 August

  • Research published in the US vividly demonstrated the effect which cocaine has upon blood vessels in the brain.

•A corrupt Portsmouth dockyard worker was among the 10 individuals imprisoned this week for attempting to smuggle cocaine into the UK disguised in crates of bananas and pineapples.

• Peruvian authorities seized 6.5 tons of cocaine from a small coastal town in the country’s north. It is represents the single largest drugs seizure in Peruvian history.

• Cooperation between the US Drugs Enforcement Agency and the Chinese police resulted in the seizure of 70kgs of cocaine in the port of Shanghai.

• Spain was forced to apologise to the King of Morocco after officers from Spain’s Civil Guard attempted to board the monarch’s yacht in search of cocaine.

• An official from the U.S. Drugs Enforcement Agency announced that Mexican drug cartels are diversifying their activities into human trafficking along the U.S.-Mexican border.

•Figures released by the US Customs and Border Protection agency revealed that agents seized nearly three tons of drugs in the past week alone in the area around El Paso, Texas.

•A senior academic from the University of West Indies claimed that the recent discovery of a narco-submarine in Guyana is linked to Trinidad and Tobago’s growing importance on the cocaine route.