News briefing – week beginning 25th May

  • Ross Ulbricht, founder of the Silk Road marketplace on the dark web, through which more than US$200 million worth of drugs has been sold online, has been jailed for life in the United States.
  • A joint operation by the British and the French has led to an estimated €70 million worth of cocaine being seized in the Azores islands, hidden on a yacht. The French government have reportedly said that a Serbian organised crime group were behind the drug’s transportation.
  • La Republica has published a report on how Colombian organised crime groups infiltrate sea ports for the purpose of smuggling cocaine, citing the port of Callao as the main trafficking route out of the country.
  • Flakka‘, a cheap new designer drug that is believed to be in the second generation of drugs to mimic khat, has been described as ‘ridiculously easy to buy’.