News Briefing – Week beginning on 27 July

The report of the Global Financial Integrity group ranked Nigeria as one of the 10 largest countries for illicit financial flows in the world. Following this data, representatives of Nigerian Apex Bank allegedly declared that they would heavily sanction money deposit Banks that aid individuals to launder money.

The Nigerian National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) expressed concern over the increasing number of cases of illicit drug trafficking in Anambra. According to NDLEA representatives, the support and cooperation of the residents is fundamental to aid the fight against illicit drugs trade.

A former member of the Nigerian Adamawa State House of Assembly has been sentenced to seven years in prison for possession of illicit drugs. The Chairman of the NDLEA hopes that this sanction would add as deterrent to others.

German authorities seized approximately 400 kg of cocaine hidden inside containers transporting bananas from South America. The operation started after the staff of a supermarket in the city of Braunschwelg discovered several packages of cocaine in banana boxes.

The Colombian Navy seized 447 kg of cocaine transported on a fishing boat off the coast of La Guajira, as it made its way to the Caribbean Sea. Five crew members were arrested.

Customs and law enforcement personnel in Mexico reported the discovery of an indefinite amount of cocaine dissolved in pulp fruit on containers from Colombia.

Mexican authorities found a drug smuggling tunnel connecting the Mexican border city of Tijuana to an import/export company building in California. According to the police, this is the third tunnel found in the city since April.