News briefing – week beginning 27 October

  • 224 kilograms of methamphetamine valued at USD $18 million were seized and 22 suspects arrested by police authorities as a Mexico-U.S narco-trafficking ring was dismantled
  • Links between police and drug trafficking has been blamed for Ecuador’s rise as a drug transit territory
  • The European commission praised the efforts of Albania in fighting organised crime and corruption while reaffirming its continued support for Gambia
  • Honduras’ drug trafficker, José Inocente Valle Valle, was arrested following joint efforts by the new Honduran National Police elite anti-narco force, the Intelligence Troop and Special Security Response Groups (TIGRES) and DEA agents, in operation Saturn II
  • The UNODC has warned that Australia is at risk of Asian organised crime. Transnational organised crime in Southeast Asia is estimated to generate USD $100 billion annually
  • Co-operation between Balkan police authorities has reportedly led to the reduction in organised car theft within the region
  • Sailors on board a Royal Navy warship, HMS Argyll seized cocaine valued at £10 million aboard a yacht in the Caribbean.
  • Nine people, including a top drug smuggler have been arrested in Spain following the discovery of 54 kilograms of cocaine hidden in a banana shipment from Colombia.