News briefing – week beginning 8 June

  • A French soldier has reportedly been arrested while carrying 27kg of cocaine through an airport in Cayenne, the capital of French Guiana, about to board a military transport aircraft bound for Paris’s Charles De Gaulle airport.
  • A man has reportedly been arrested at Newark airport in New Jersey, USA, for attempting to smuggle cocaine from Colombia in 35mm film containers.
  • The ‘White Charcoal’ drug trafficking trial in Argentina has begun. It has been named so because of the product that traffickers allegedly used to attempt to hide their efforts to smuggle cocaine.
  • In the UK, an estimated £2.5million worth of heroin has been seized, following a week-long police operation that focused on air and sea ports in Essex.
  • Agadez, the largest city in central Niger, has been described as a “Wild West” that facilitates trafficking, including the smuggling of cocaine.