Newsbriefing – week of 15 April

According to a recent report published by the ENACT project, heroin use is booming in South Africa. Exploring how this trend could be hampered, the report emphasised the need for political and regionally coordinated responses.

Honduras may be a new transit route for illicit drug flows, following the arrest of four Colombian citizens in Honduras attempting to smuggle 110 kg of cocaine to the United States.

Maltese authorities announced a new seizure of 91 kg of cocaine in Freeport this week, allegedly coming from South America and destined for Albania and Greece. So far this year, 606 kg of cocaine has been seized in Malta.

The former Peruvian president Alan Garcia committed suicide before being arrested by the Peruvian Police. He was under investigation for corruption in the framework of the Odebrecht scandal.


The seaport of Natal, Brazil is a major departure point for cocaine from Brazil to the European Union. This new route is confirmed following a combination of  cocaine seizures in Rotterdam, Netherlands, amounting to seven tonnes.

Bulgaria seized 288 kg of heroin last week hidden in a truck from Iran. The “Balkans” trafficking route passes through Bulgaria where records indicate that Heroin seizures in 2018, when compared to those of 2017, had risen by 13%.