Newsbriefing – Week of 15 October

  • Island states-such as Palau, Sri Lanka, Faroe Island, Salomon Islands as well as Norway, Namibia, Ghana and Indonesia call the international community to address the correlation between the fishing industry and organised crime. The issue takes different aspects in each country most of them are denouncing illegal fishing, drug and weapons trafficking by sea and the black market in marine wildlife.
  • The Government of Canada legalised cannabis on October 17 and the drug can now be bought in licensed stores. Each one of the 13 provinces have however different approaches when it comes to the nature of the retail stores (public or private), the legal age for consumption and the legalisation of home-growing cannabis.
  • The Peruvian traditional drug route is diversified with the emergence of a consumer market in Eastern Europe. This new phenomenon is bringing Eastern European mafias to operate in Peru, increasing the country’s vulnerability towards transnational crime.
  • British Columbia’s new attorney general wants to fight the use of casinos to launder money of Mexican, Chinese and Colombian criminal organisations. The province’s casinos have become an ideal place for money-laundering since 2009, allowing people to walk in and out with high amounts of cash.
  • US Attorney General suspects links between Hezbollah and Latin American criminal organisations such as the Sinaloa Cartel, the Golfo Clan and the Jalisco Cartel. He has ordered a special team of prosecutors to investigate.