Newsbriefing – Week of 17 February


The first underground  factory producing counterfeit cigarettes has been discovered by the Spanish police in the province of Malaga. The illegal factory had the capacity to produce around 3500 cigarettes per hour. This discovery, which EUROPOL, Lithuania, Poland and the United Kingdom contributed to, was made possible further to the arrest of 20 persons suspected to run the factory. When the police raided the illegal facility, they also rescued six workers of Ukrainian nationality who were trapped in.

27 suspects were arrested by the Danish police further to a 100-kg seizure of cocaine on board of a ship in the Danish waters. Leaving from the city of Helsingborg in Sweden, the Bahamas-registered vessel had for destination Saint Petersburg in Russia.

According to Spanish officials, the Kinahan cartel’s role in drug trafficking has evolved. Indeed, they would have the role today of investors only in the illicit business of shipping drugs to Ireland via Spain as they lack of manpower to organize the related logistics on site.

Nearly 10% of the workforce in Seychelles would be addicted to heroin according to the government statistics. The prevention policy and approach to harm reduction have been proven efficient according to health statistics.

700 kg of cocaine were found and seized in a container in Antwerp, after information was passed on by the German authorities to Belgium in relation to a company suspected to run illicit activities. The drugs were hidden in a shipment carrying table salt from Brazil.

Five tonnes of drugs were seized in a semi-submersible by the authorities in Panama near the border with Costa Rica.