Newsbriefing – Week of 19 August

The largest drug trafficking gang in Dominican Republic has been dismantled according to the Dominican Attorney General. More than 40 raids were carried out across the country in connection with the case.

The Mexican government efforts to bring down violent crime will not include talks with organised crime groups or armed self-defense groups. The President denied such talks after Mexico’s interior minister had initially confirmed them. Murder rates have reached the highest rate on record in the first semester of 2019 in the country.

Interpol Operation-led Stop kicked off with a two-day training course late July for law enforcement officers in Guinea on the use of INTERPOL’s policing capabilities, in particular the Stolen and Lost Travel Documents (SLTD) database; document fraud; detecting individuals attempting to travel illegally; and illicit cross-border financial flows. The training phase was followed by a two-day operational phase at the airport. Operation Stop has been conducted in the framework of the Project Morea implemented by INTERPOL in Ivory Coast, Guinea and Mauritania.

383 kilograms of giant pangolin scales were seized by the customs’ mobile unit of Bamenda in Cameroon. The seizure was done during an operation baptized “stop illicit trafficking,” initiated months ago by Cameroonian authorities.

China is becoming a key actor in reducing illicit wildlife trafficking in Africa. Since 2017, China has tightened its legislation on the trade of endangered fauna and flora to match international standards. The country closed its domestic ivory market and banned commercial processing of rhino horns and tiger bones.