Newsbriefing – Week of 2 December



The national authorities of Germany, Denmark, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, the UK and Norway, have taken down an organised crime group involved in drug trafficking. The investigation showed that a transport company based in the Netherlands was involved in smuggling large quantities of drugs to several European countries.

Turkish authorities have seized 165kg of heroin in liquid form that was hidden in a reserve fuel tank of a lorry. In 2018, Turkish authorities seized a total of 17.3 tones of heroin.

Cesar Emilio Peralta, the suspected head of the main drug trafficking organisation in the Dominican Republic, was arrested in Cartagena, Colombia. He had been on the run since his network was dismantled back in August 2019.

The island of Margarita, in Venezuela, was used by a Colombian trafficker, Henry Carrillo-Ramirez, to move drugs to the United States and Europe. He was arrested in 2017 after an investigation that lasted four year.

Two clandestine cocaine processing facilities – one in Spain and one in Colombia – were shut down after a joint operation between the Colombian and Spanish police. The operation in Spain saw the arrest of 9 suspects.

330 kg of cocaine were found by employees of a fruit company in Ridderkerk, Netherlands. The drug was hidden amongst melons that had been shipped from Brazil.

More than 1.7 tons of heroin and methamphetamine, with a street value of US$830 million, was seized by the Australian Federal Police. The drugs were hidden inside a shipment of stereo speakers. Two customs agents were arrested as part of the investigation.