Newsbriefing – Week of 20 May

7,4 tonnes of cannabis were seized in the Mediterranean by French customs. The French Navy also took part in the operation, spotting and escorting the racing boat to Toulon military base. Three Turkish nationals suspected of drug trafficking were arrested in the operation.

Cocaine use in the UK has more than doubled in five years and purity of the drug has reached a record high, an analysis of wastewater in European cities has shown. London and Bristol are among the top five cities with the highest use of drug in Europe.

Turkish police seized a total of 127 kilos of heroin during two separate operations in east Turkey. Turkish security forces have seized over 17.3 tonnes of heroine in 2018 and arrested more than 1.500 suspects.

Gambia and Nigeria law enforcement agencies have announced new collaborative efforts to curb illicit drug trafficking in the sub-Sahara region. There will be new synergies, partnerships and resources to facilitate cooperation among anti-narcotics agencies in the two countries.

West Africa has the highest percentage of cannabis users in the world, says UNODC. Around 12,4 per cent of people in the region had used cannabis in 2014, against 3.9 per cent of the global population over the same period. UNODC attributes this increase of drug usage and drug trafficking in the region to the ineffectiveness of drug laws in West Africa.