Newsbriefing – week of 22 April

Uruguay, the first country to legalise recreational use of marijuana, becomes the first in Latin America to export it for medicinal purposes. Germany is set to be its first client. The United-Kingdom is currently dominating exports in medicinal marijuana.

Americas Quarterly highlights the 3 measures Brazil should take to stem organised crime. First, build new and more secure prisons, and reform the justice system to stop the flow of non-violent, first time offenders to prisons. Second, additional resources for underfunded states. Third, leverage Bolsonaro’s good relationship with President Trump to further cooperation, intelligence and information sharing in combating crime.

South Africa new confirmed route for heroin. As the two main trafficking routes from Afghanistan through Central Asia and the Balkans have become more restricted, the lesser-used African route, along the eastern African coast, is becoming increasingly popular with smugglers. In parallel, heroin consumption in the country is drastically increasing.

Nigerian airports new hubs for drug trafficking. Since January 2019, 26 persons have been arrested with 94 kilos of illegal drugs seized. Around 30 were convicted in 2018.