Newsbriefing – Week of 25 March

Nearly 750 military staff, mostly low-ranking officers, have reportedly perished since the Mexican government launched the “war on drugs” in 2006. Tamaulipas, a state located on the US-Mexico border accounts for the state where most of the most military deaths occurred.

The Romanian police seized more than a ton of high-quality cocaine in a boat in the Danube Delta. The drugs which were wrapped in balloons had an estimated value of 300 millions euros.

In 2018, Bulgaria’s Chief Directorate for Combating Organised Crime carried out 237 special operations disrupting around 121 organised crime networks and conducting seizures of drugs on national and foreign territories.

In Guatemala, the authorities dismantled a network of police officers who were working as drug-dealers and hitmen for criminal organisations. The dismantlement mobilised some 300 members of the National Civilian Police who conducted 30 raids in four Guatemalan departments.