Newsbriefing-Week of 27 of August

  • Britain announced a 2 million pound ($2.6 million) scheme to help authorities stop at risk children falling into the grip of traffickers and gangs who force them to move drugs over ‘county lines’ from cities to rural areas.
  • A historic summit between the President of Colombia, Duque, and his political rivals took place at La Casa de Nariño to discuss the way forward on anti-corruption measures. The meeting included Senator Gustavo Petro, who ran for President against Duque in June, former president César Gaviria and promoters of the anti-corruption consulta.
  • Authorities in the city of Tetouan, Morocco, arrested four suspects for their involvement in an international drug trafficking network. Police seized 376 kilograms of cannabis.
  • In recent years a growing number of tourists have taken trips to Colombia, to take ayahuasca, a strong hallucinogenic plant-cocktail long revered by remote indigenous faith healers. The drug made headlines on Wednesday when a British coroner confirmed a 19-year-old from Bristol died after taking a dose in a ceremony four years ago.