Newsbriefing – Week of 29 July

German customs have seized 4.5 tonnes of cocaine valued around one billion euros in the port of Hamburg. The drug was being shipped from Uruguay to Antwerp, Belgium. This is Germany’s largest single seizure of cocaine.

Joint international operation supported by Europol, INTERPOL and WCO led to the seizure of 18.000 cultural goods, including 10.000 archaeological artefacts. 29 countries coordinated on-the-spot checks in auction houses, galleries, museums, ports, airports and archaeological sites and arrested 59 suspects of illicit cultural goods trafficking.

Joint international operation dismantled a Balkan organised crime group suspected of cocaine trafficking from South America to Europe using private planes. 16 suspects were arrested, and one tonne of cocaine was seized, including 600 kilos in Mulhouse airport.

Almost one tonne of cocaine was seized in Parque del Plata, Uruguay. Three suspects were arrested.