Newsbriefing – Week of 5 August

Customs seized 1.5 tonnes of cocaine on a container ship in Hamburg, Germany. The ship came from Rio Grande, Brazil, and was heading for Antwerp, Belgium. The haul value is estimated at about 350 million euros. This comes a month after Germany seized a record 4.5 tonnes of cocaine in Hamburg.

Conservative candidate Alejandro Giammattei is set to become Guatemala’s next President. He ran on a get-thought approach on crime, promising greater investment into prisons and the reinstatement of the death penalty. He is linked to human rights violations and organised crime. Three of the last four elected presidents have been arrested after leaving office on corruption charges.

Brazilian police carried out a major operation against the First Capital Command (PCC) gang, the country’s largest organised crime group. Police targeted the gang’s finances by blocking 400 bank accounts tied to the organisation. The PCC controls most of cocaine and gun shipments into Brazil.

Colombia’s Navy seized 4.5 tonnes of cocaine on a speedboat travelling from the Uraba region to Panama. This is the country’s biggest seizure since March 2019 when 5.2 tonnes of cocaine were found in a banana shipment in the same Uraba region.