The nine projects of the Cocaine Route Programme monitored and supported by CORMS are described below. The programme combats organised crime in four ways:

  1. Preventing the inflow of drugs and other illicit goods at points of entry through AIRCOP, SEACOP and PRELAC
  2. Facilitating the exchange of information among law enforcement agencies and judicial authorities through WAPIS and AMERIPOL-EU
  3. Preventing criminals from enjoying the proceeds of crime through AML-WA and GAFILAT-EU
  4. Focusing on criminal investigations and criminal justice through CRIMJUST


Airport Communication Programme to strengthen anti-drug capacities at selected airports in Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America


Strengthening cooperation of law enforcement, judicial and prosecuting authorities in Latin America and the Caribbean


Supporting Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crime Initiatives in West Africa


Cocaine Route Monitoring and Support Project


Strengthening criminal investigation and criminal justice along the Cocaine Route in Latin America, the Caribbean and West Africa


Supporting Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crime Initiatives in Latin America


Prevention of the diversion of drugs precursors in the Latin American and Caribbean region


Seaport Cooperation Project, strengthening cooperation in addressing maritime trafficking in West Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean


Facilitating the collection, centralisation, management, sharing and analysis of police information in West Africa


Since 2009, through the Instrument contributing to Stability and Peace, the EU has committed over €50 million to the Cocaine Route Programme in over 40 countries.

The chart shows the budget distribution of the CRP per project:

  • AML-WA: 1.8M €
  • WAPIS : 5.5 M €
  • CORMS: 4.4M €
  • SEACOP: 8.99M €
  • AMERIPOL-EU: 3.745M €
  • PRELAC: 5.193M €
  • AIRCOP: 7.8M €
  • GAFILAT-EU: 3.175M €
  • CRIMJUST: 10M €