SEACOP second transregional meeting against drug trafficking in Bogota

SEACOP organised a transregional meeting of Maritime Intelligence Units (MIUs) in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean in Bogota, Colombia, from 2 to 4 July 2019. The event aimed at promoting communication between the different regions affected by the cocaine route, as well as improve cooperation to better intercept vessels suspected of transporting illicit drugs. This is SEACOP second transregional meeting with all MIUs on the fight against drug trafficking. The first workshop took place in Natal, Brazil, in November 2018.

Bringing together over 40 participants, the event was set over a three-day period. On the first day, member states presented the progress made so far in relation to drug seizures while the second day focused on practical exercises like simulations. The last day was dedicated to providing feedback on the practical exercises, lessons learnt and the exchange of best practices.

The transregional workshops constitute an important space for cooperation and communication between the SEACOP supported MIUs. To date, SEACOP is supporting 21 MIUs.