Training of maritime intelligence units from Colombia, Panama and Dominican Republic

SEACOP has organized the training course on Maritime Intelligence Units with the participation of three countries: Colombia, Panama and the Dominican Republic between 9 and 13 October in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.

20 agents from the three countries participated in the course. The trainers, experts in maritime intelligence of the National Police and Civil Guard of Spain, exposed trainees to the international arena of agencies and assets that can help them in their work to combat the regional activities of maritime drug trafficking and to address the organizations behind these activities.

Colombia, Panama and the Dominican Republic, due to their tradition and strategic situation, are fundamental for the development and implementation of the project. Ana Hernández, responsible for the Area of ​​Security and Justice of the FIIAPP, said that “they are an example of the fight against drugs and make a permanent and constant effort to avoid this scourge that affects all countries in origin, transit and destination” .

FIIAPP has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Panama and is in the final negotiation phase to sign another with Colombia in order to create an institutional framework for collaboration where the various training and donation activities of material can be developed. the interception of vessels that can transport cocaine and the dismantling of criminal gangs attached.