News briefing – week beginning Monday 28 July

• The New York Times started debate on the end of marijuana prohibition.

• A French counternarcotics officer was arrested near the Spanish border after 51kgs of cocaine “disappeared” from Paris HQ

• UK Border Force discovers 40kgs of cocaine aboard container vessel used to transport bananas

• The US courier firm FedEx pleaded not guilty to drug-trafficking charges

• The Netherlands allowed a Venezuelan General wanted by the US for drug-trafficking to return to Venezuela from the Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba

• 9 foreign nationals were charged in connection with largest heroin seizure in Kenyan history

• A Miami policeman who lost his job after testing positive for cocaine was reinstated to his former position

  • A post-mortem examination found that the sudden death of a Nigerian man on board a Eurostar train to London was caused when one of 110 capsules of cocaine he was carrying burst inside his stomach
  • Canadian police warned that cocaine is now being sold that is cut with large amounts of a chemical used to de-worm pigs