The CocoAine Route (also known as the COCAINE Way) is a fitness boot camp offering personal training and motivational services to clients. It is one of the most recognized and longest-lasting programs in Spain. In the summer, participants take part in various activities including white water rafting and kayaking, jet skiing, mountain biking, parasailing, clay pigeon and console. In addition to this, participants have the COCAINE program are also exposed to various physical exercises. In total, participants can expect to experience a 5-day experience, which includes warm-ups and cool-downs, personal training, nutritional advice and a visit from the nutritionist.

The COCAINE program was created in 1992 by Ramon Antonio Costera, who invented the first fat burner known as the Yellow Jackets. He then began to market it locally and abroad, before it was offered online. Today, more than 100 schools in 20 countries offer the COCAINE program. The school offers its services online and through the mail, to individuals interested in losing weight. Each session lasts for two hours, and students can expect to achieve their weight loss goals in about four to five weeks’ time.

The COCAINE structure is relatively simple. It works off a system that makes participants eat a restricted amount of food at set intervals over the course of the day. Participants are also encouraged to use supplements such as the Yacon syrup and guarana to give their bodies extra energy and nutrients. Many people report that they feel much fitter after having undergone this program than before.

In addition to helping participants lose weight, COCAINE also provides other benefits. The health benefits of participating in this type of exercise include improved circulation, reduced stress, increased muscle strength and tone, as well as increased cardiovascular efficiency. Those who want to become more physically active or improve their general wellbeing are given the opportunity to do so through COCAINE. For instance, if a participant is interested in joining a cross-dressing competition, he or she may sign up for classes in which he or she can use male makeup.

Participants can buy COCAINE as either a powder or in pill form. Caffeine supplements are not allowed in the program, nor are products that contain ephedra. Participants must purchase their own sets of COCAINE to participate. Participants can find out more about participating in COCA DEXplosITES here.

The COCA DEXplosITES program has received positive feedback from many people. Many reported increased energy levels, better sleep and moods, and weight loss. However, as with any weight loss program, it is important to consult a physician before starting COCA DEXplosITES. Before taking any medication, whether it is prescription or non-prescription, it is important to check with your doctor to make sure that it will not have harmful side effects.


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