Colombian prosecutor trained in online drug trafficking with support from CRIMJUST

A Procoputar keybordsecutor from Colombia received support from CRIMJUST to attend a training initiative on online international drug trafficking – “Drugs online” – organized by the Italian Ministry of Interior in Rome, Italy, between 8 and 12 May.

The V Course “Drugs online” initiated by the Central Directorate for Antidrug Services, Department of Public Security, Ministry of the Interior of Italy, consisted of a 5-day training with the participation of different criminal justice actors from several countries.

With support from the UNODC and CRIMJUST, in order to strengthen capacity building activities for the criminal justice institutions and foster inter-regional cooperation, one Prosecutor from Colombia attended the training. The objective of the training course was to provide technical, operational contributions in the fight against online international drug trafficking. The main focus was on upgrading investigative and prosecutorial capacities in IT areas, and improving tools for investigation and evidence gathering, in international counter-narcotics operations.

The course primarily dealt with theoretical issues and practical exercises on the fight against online drug trafficking. Discussions centred on online investigation techniques, the deep web, secure and anonymous web access (VPN, Tor, OSINT), access to the black market and digital evidence. Operational case studies and trainings were provided on these topics in order to raise awareness and expertise amongst criminal justice officials, develop their skills on these platforms and effectively contribute to the fight against online international drug trafficking.