CORMS attends COPOLAD 4th Annual Conference in Suriname

From 18-19 of June, CORMS took part in COPOLAD (Cooperation Programme on Drugs Policies) 4th Annual Conference in Suriname. The conference brought together over a hundred participants from 45 European, Latin American and Caribbean countries to exchange on drugs policy.

This year’s topic was Inter-institutional coordination in drugs policy. The conference focused on addressing the challenges and new promising development in the field of drugs policy. Country representatives discussed challenges and best practices in the fields of planning and implementation, data collection and early warning systems, quality assessment and contribution from the civil society. The conference was also an opportunity for participants to present the institutional framework of their own administrations and their respective tools and specificities.

COPOLAD II is a partnership cooperation programme between the European Union and the CELAC (Community of Latin American and Caribbean States) and funded by the EU. Succeeding to COPOLAD I in 2016, COPOLAD II aims at improving the coherence, balance and impact of drugs policies through experience sharing and the promotion of comprehensive and coordinated responses to drug use and drug trafficking. Its success revolves around evidenced-based strategies supported by objective monitoring instruments.