New tactics for trafficking cocaine at the port of Callao in Lima

Peruvian authorities are tracking down Gerson Galvez Calle “Caracol”, who has turned into the most wanted man by the Antinarcotics Police.

“Caracol” is allegedly involved in a scheme of cocaine trafficking in the port of Callao, located approximately 15 km from Lima. According to the authorities, since November 2015 “Caracol” has obtained the monopoly of Europe-bound cocaine shipments from the Peruvian port. By  contaminating licit containers with relatively small amounts of cocaine, “Caracol” has been able to divert the attention of the police from bigger shipments that have passed overlooked.

The economic return for the trafficker was 20% of the total of the drugs that he was able to eventually remit abroad. The numbers are impressive, since reportedly one kilo of cocaine in the port reaches the price of US$ 5000, while prices in production sites fluctuate between US$ 800 and US$ 1500.

At the moment, “Caracol” is allegedly managing the organisation from Ecuador, where he is also in connection with a number of Bolivian drug traffickers. The police announced that they would request 18 months of preventive detention for the trafficker.