News Briefing – Week of 1 August

  • A Bulgarian woman has been detained at the Athens International Airport when she was trying to smuggle over 2.5 kilograms of cocaine into Greece. Allegedly, the woman arrived from Rio de Janeiro via Zurich and was a member of a drug-trafficking group dedicated to smuggling cocaine from Latin America to Europe.
  • BBC informed that security forces in Colombia carried out a massive operation to destroy 104 cocaine production laboratories. According to the authorities, the labs produce around 100 tons of cocaine a year and drug the traffickers are in partnership with Mexican drug cartels.
  • Cyprus police authorities discovered 156 kilograms of cocaine hidden inside the fuel talk of three electricity generators. Official information reported that the drug was initially shipped from a Latin American country and got into Cyprus via several other European countries.
  • Bolivian Police seized more than seven tonnes of cocaine with an estimated street value of €313m. The drugs were hidden inside a cargo of mineral ore leading to Chile’s sea ports. A government official reported that three men were arrested.