News briefing – Week of 20 March

  • According to the latest International Narcotics Control Strategy Report on Drug and Chemical Control, released by the U.S. State Department, a list of five Caribbean nations has been sent to the U.S. Congress by US President Trump, naming ‘major illicit drug producing and/or drug-transit countries.’ This includes the Bahamas, Haiti, Belize, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica.
  • A new UN resolution has been adopted by the Security Council, addressing the issue of trafficking in cultural property as a source of terrorism financing. The resolution stresses out the importance of enhancing international cooperation, as well as investigative and anti-money laundering capacities.
  • Colombian customs officials have seized 453 kilos of cocaine hydrochloride on the Caribbean coast, in the Port of Santa Marta, from a German-owned shipping container. The cargo is estimated at $27m.
  • A few days after the discovery of some 250 human skulls in a grave seemingly dug by drug cartels, 47 other skulls have been found in the city of Veracruz, Mexico. The discovery puts into light the merciless machine of drug trade in the country and the strategic location of Veracruz for criminal organisations and smuggling routes.