News Briefing – Week of 21 November

  • The public prosecutor informed that 54 kg of cocaine were seized by the Benin security forces. Reportedly, the drugs were found in a container arriving at the main port of Cotonou from Brazil. The information on the seizure comes after 18 kg of cocaine were discovered in Cotonou, at the end of October. Even though improved maritime policing has helped reduce the quantity of drugs passing through West Africa, the region remains a transit point for cocaine to Europe.
  • Spanish Police confiscated 13 high powered long boats (RIBS) used for smuggling illegal substances from Morocco to Spain. Allegedly, 15 people were arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking offences and belonging to a criminal organization.
  • Two-day workshop entitled “Narcotics: problems and solutions of this global issue” was organized by the Pontifical Academies of Sciences (PAS) in Rome. The event gathered professionals, scientists, experts, medical doctors, researchers and practitioners, as well as members of civil society, judges and academics, who discussed possible innovative socio-political solutions to drug-related issues.