News briefing – Week of 22 May

  • The medical journal Scientific Reports unveiled that cocaine was more addictive than first thought, the drug being able to cause addiction after just one use, even amongst recreational cocaine users. The study showed that dopamine release may trigger the same addiction on non-dependant users than on cocaine dependent users and way earlier than previous studies asserted.
  • According to a recent study led by the Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT), Jamaica has allegedly lost about US $100m in 2016 due to cyber criminal activities. The report was presented to the National Security Council (NSC) which committed to dedicate more resources to fight cyber crime in the country.
  • Bulgarian authorities seized more than 400 kg of heroin worth an estimated $34 million at Vidin, at the frontier with Romania. The drug was from Iranian origin and bound to the Netherlands. This is the biggest single drug seizure in the country’s history. Balkan countries remain major transit points for heroin smuggling between Afghanistan and Central Asia to European markets.