News briefing – Week of 7 November

  • 15 alleged organized crime figures accused of smuggling drugs from South America were arrested by the Italian police. The target was a ring which was reportedly sending drugs from Colombia to Spain, and then into Italy. The investigation was a joint effort of Italian State and financial police, and Drug Enforcement Administration officials in the US and Colombia. Following the investigation, 3 tons of cocaine were seized.
  • A drug trafficking network linked to a Mexican cartel has been dismantled in Costa Rica, as revealed by Insight Crime. 14 people were arrested following a two-year investigation, after 374 kilos of cocaine were found in 2014. Allegedly, the group was importing drugs from Ecuador and Colombia and shipping it to Mexico, by land, air or sea.
  • Authorities engaged in combating drug trafficking alert on emerging network in the Indian Ocean region transporting cocaine from South America into Europe. Reportedly, over 400 kilograms of cocaine were seized within the past few months by Sri Lankan authorities, while in Kenya around 99 kilograms of cocaine were detected.