News Briefing – Week beginning on 20 July

Colombian police have seized approximately 2.3 tonnes of marijuana in the village of Dabehia, Antioquia department. According to the authorities, the drugs allegedly belonged to the paramilitary group of the Urabeños.

The Gambia hosted the first international conference on drug dubbed, “Moscow-Africa anti-drug dilogue”. The conference aimed to enhance strategies to tackle drug trafficking in West Africa and other continents such as Europe where illicit drugs are ultimately consumed.

Colombian authorities have seized 777kg of cocaine, with an estimated value of over $240 million. The drugs were reportedly found in a truck near Bogota. The police believe that the cocaine most likely belonged to the criminal gang of the Usuga.

Two former members of the Venezuelan army have been arrested as allegedly involved in drug trafficking. The two were reportedly affiliated to the Mexican Sinaloa cartel. One was wanted by Interpol and the United States.

The US Department of Justice has brought charges against 105 members of a drug trafficking ring that it claims controlled the narcotics trade in San Juan’s public housing projects in Puerto Rico.

British police have seized a minicab transporting 200kg of cocaine worth more than US$108 million in the area of Tilbury Dock, one of the main ports on the Thames. The minicab driver was accused of conspiracy of importing illicit drugs and supplying controlled drugs.

A Nigerian man has been arrested at Entebbe Airport in Uganda carrying 66 pellets of a drug that is yet to be identified. He was about to board an Ethiopian Airlines flight.
The US Coast Guard intercepted a “narco-submarine” filled with more than 7.5 tonnes of cocaine off the coast of El Salvador. Four people were arrested.