News briefing, week beginning 22 September

  • 200 kilograms of heroin, 1.3 tonnes of cannabis and 599 kilograms of cocaine were seized and 1150 people were arrested, following Operation Archimedes coordinated by Europol across Europe.
  • Mexican drug cartels have begun trafficking cocaine directly from Southern America, displacing the Colombian middlemen.
  • The European Union and the United Nations pledged their continued support for the fight against drug trafficking in Nigeria.
  • Following joint efforts by the National Crime Agency and Irish Naval Service, four people were arrested in connection with the seizure of cocaine worth £100 million from a yacht in Ireland. A second vessel was seized in North Wales, and five people were arrested. It was believed that this second vessel was to be used to ferry drugs to shore.
  • Peru destroyed 54 clandestine landing airstrips in an attempt to disrupt aerial drug supply and trafficking in and out of the country.
  • In support of a peace agreement being negotiated between the government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), Colombia’s Prosecutor General, Eduardo Montealegre, enunciated his support for the exemption of members of the from extradition.
  • Organised crime groups are being blamed for an increase in smuggled antiquities since the January 2011 revolution, estimated to be worth $5 billion.