News Briefing – Week beginning on 3 August

The Guyanese authorities arrested a mother and a daughter allegedly accused of trafficking cocaine in Georgetown. They pleaded not guilty after being caught selling cocaine to a police officer.

The US Coast Guard intercepted a narco-submarine transporting over 7 tons of cocaine, worth approximately US$181 million. The authorities were able to seize 5,400 kg, while the rest sank with the submersible.

Agents of the Mexican Federal Police arrested Miguel Angel Villareal Perez “El Paisa” identified as the new leader of the Independent Cartel of Acapulco. At the moment of the detention in Tabasco, he had several envelopes allegedly containing cocaine and marijuana.

Following the recent visit by President Barack Obama to Kenya, the US proposed Kenya to adopt the Cargo Targeting System (CTS) to help reduce illicit trade and lock out high-risk consignments.

A Nigerian fashion designer was arrested by agents of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) while he was boarding a flight to Sao Paolo at Lagos Airport. He was transporting cocaine and, when tested, he resulted positive to the drug.

Officers of the Mexican Group for Coordination in Tamaulipas arrested 41 alleged members of the Zetas, one of the most famous drug cartels in Mexico. Among them, two ex-military from El Salvador were also detained in Reynosa.

The British government has accused Spain of violating its sovereignty over Gibraltar when a Spanish customs vessel and helicopter had chased suspected drug smugglers into waters claimed by Britain. The alleged smugglers jettisoned their cargo of drugs before hitting a submerged reef and leaving their vessel behind.

Rio de Janeiro’s police killed Celso Pinheiro Pimenta, alias “Playboy”, one of the most wanted drug gang leaders in Brazil. He was one of the leaders of the Friends of Friends (ADA) gang and he had been on the run after being sentenced to 15 years in prison for drug trafficking, robbery and homicide.