News briefing – week beginning 6 April

  • A kingpin of the Sinaloa drug cartel, ‘La Señora’, responsible for large supplies of cocaine, has been arrested in Cancun, Mexico.
  • Peruvian anti-drug police have released details of how narco-traffickers move cocaine through the Amazon.
  • Bolivia has fired seven state prosecutors following investigations following complaints of irregularities, including corruption.
  • The Colombian Navy has reportedly seized 2 tonnes of cocaine being transported by boat to Central America.
  • Romanian police have seized 70kg of cocaine, estimated to be worth around €4million, hidden in furniture imported from Germany. The investigation was a collaboration between German customs, the UK’s NCA, and Spanish authorities.
  • Research by NewLink Wales, a substance misuse charity, has claimed cocaine has become a “status symbol,” and argues there has been a “normalisation” of drug-taking in the country.
  • Ecuadorian authorities have arrested 11 suspected drug traffickers, including an active Lt.Col., after seizing 2 tonnes of cocaine headed for Europe.